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Once again TPM is presenting a clipped / edited portion of the latest GOP debate. Where-as the last one was a manipulation, argument by omission, in an effort to make the GOP look more horrible than it would if you watch the entire exchange, the latest…. Well…. If you watch the entire exchange, the GOP looks even worse!

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was a political solution to a politically created problem, created when Bill Clinton tried to implement military policy via executive order, without regard as to whether the military community was ready for it or not. Remember that, though it was the 90’s, being gay was not nearly as accepted as it has become in the last decade. DADT was a political compromise for its time. It may have moved the ball forward to get where we are now, or it may have hindered it. We’ll never know. What is perfectly clear to most, is that its time has past. There is no longer any need for needless restrictive policy such as this.

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