Gay Advertizing… Plus, Old Subaru Commercials!

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Andrew Sullivan has a link to a Subaru commercial that plays on the emotional connection of marriage and the ideals of the adventure of a honeymoon. Having not been on a honeymoon myself, I have no idea what they are like. But something like the one portrayed in the commercial is what we all would like, or something fanciful and adventurous like it.

But that got me thinking, Subaru has a long history of making lifestyle a part of the brand.

suby ad

Because they have been featuring 4 wheel or All Wheel Drive as long as any other car manufacturer on the market, they have been able to market themselves as something just a little different. That philosophy of not being the same as the typical cookie cutter car, of occupying a niche market in the automotive world has also allowed the company to branch out and target demographic groups that were passed over by other car manufacturers. They pioneered the practice of advertizing to the gay demographic.

“Subaru has always recognized the importance of speaking to all their customers,” says Subaru brand spokesperson, John Nash. “In the early nineties, market research indicated that many lesbians and gay men had a strong loyalty for the brand, based on the reliability of the vehicles. The company made the decision to speak to their G&L [gay and lesbian] customers in the first person, in the magazines and newspapers they read, with custom creative. Seemingly a simple and smart decision, but given the time period, certainly a farsighted and courageous one.”

They’ve been traveling down this road for almost 20 years. A number of the ads in the early 2000’s featured Martina Navratilova .

They produced a few TV commercials for the gay market as well.

Subaru has succeed in this market because they are a smaller company, and have never thought of themselves as being part of the mainstream. That gave them the freedom to go after this previously neglected demographic in the auto advertizing world. Remember, when Ford tried the same strategy, to cash in on the growing income trend of gay America, they got their hands slapped by the “traditional” American crowd, they were boycotted and ended up pulling the ads. Months later, Ford reversed it’s decision and resumed advertising in gay media.

This was a major step, and today you see many companies now feel free to try and attract business from the gay segment of the population without too much backlash.

A couple of oldies but goodies.

Wish this commercial was of better quality

Now this is some serious OLD SCHOOL!!!!!

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