Quantity vs Quantity – A Talking Points Take-Down.

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As the current unthinking talking point reminds us, Yes, Ronald Reagan did raise the debt ceiling 18 times, as opposed to Barrack Obama’s measly 5, soon to be 6. Of course, if he wins re-election, and the frequency of debt ceiling raises continue, this President will have approved about the same number of DCR’s as his distant predecessor. However, a far more important value to consider, in the former President’s eight years, the total dollar amount of those increases was about 2.5 trillion for 18 raises. This latest DCR, which will happen automatically if I’m reading things right, will have the Obama administration (AND the Congress) surpass that amount in just 6! And that only took three years, as opposed to Reagan’s eight!

That’s an impressive accomplishment indeed!!!!

If this gravy train continues to go on the same damned track we’re on, in a ceteris paribus fashion, assuming the President wins the 2012 contest, we are looking at a debt increase of close to 9 TRILLION DOLLARS! That, my friends, would be a doubling of the total debt incurred before Barrack Obama took office in 2008.

And no, I’m not placing all the blame on this President. Both side are culpable for the exponential increase, and the failure to put special interests aside, chuck the lobbyist establishment, and get things done, all because they want to position themselves for the next elections.

History will not look kindly to this bunch of politicians… And I use that word with all the bile I can muster!!!!

PS. To show my willingness to be unbiased, the damning chart was borrowed from a liberal blog dutifully echoing the talking point!

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