Blind Spots And Seeing Things That Aren’t There

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While I agree with him that FOX news is not being very “fair and balanced” for not having Andrew Sullivan on any of their programs when discussing the recent article he wrote for Newsweek, Sully goes way too far in describing a phrase uttered by a Fox-ite as “homophobic”. Here is the conversation Andrew is critiquing:

GUTFELD: The ultimate hypocrisy here, Kimberly, is that Sullivan is calling critics dumb when, in fact, he is the most obsessed critic of Sarah Palin’s children.

GUILFOYLE: Remember that?

GUTFELD: I don’t want to get into it. He’s got an amazing blind spot.

GUILFOYLE: Yes, and talking about her children. I mean, it’s totally inappropriate. And he has no credibility because of that. That’s what’s so problematic about it. In fact, how do you expect this magazine to have any kind of credibility either when you have writers putting forth stuff like this? With the background that he does. Leftist propaganda.

Can you spot the obvious homophobic slur????





Answer: It’s the phrase  ” He’s got an amazing blind spot.”

Here is Sullivan’s write-up. This is a pretty good “Jump The Shark” moment.


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