YouTube Banter – Heart-felt.

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Someone on the Overkill video wrote this concerning the death of Men At Work’s Greg Ham.

I cried for strangers today and I don’t know why. Perhaps memories of my youth. Perhaps there is some majik when we are moved by another. The impossible knowing that they are on your side. May the creator find you willing and free.?

I know this. I get teary eyes when I listen to sad or touching songs that never used to affect me in this fashion. Part of it is thinking of the inevitable, when I’m going to have to mourn for the passing of a favorite artist – Paul McCartney, Simon or Garnunkel, Judith Durham, either of the Finn Brothers – when one of these great music influences go, I’m going to be devastated!. It all just brings our mortality a little too uncomfortably close.My mind often thinks that I’m younger, but the various little aches and pains in the body says otherwise. Granted… I’m not “OLD”. But I’m not young either. I hate the thought of our mortality, and more selfishly, my mortality.

Dying sucks!

But, even when I was a kid, I understood it as a natural part of life. It’s what we do.

Strange thoughts. I just realized, as kids, we understand the life cycle’s end long before we realize how we were brought into this world, i.e. sex. Only later after the single digit years do we come to grasp intellectually and physically the tremendous drive that creates us, dominates our life and kind of screws us up for so many years thereafter! We understand our end before our beginnings. Seems that should be the other way around.

What a strange and wonderful way things work out!

PS. Who is Judith Durham you ask? Only one of the finest voices ever to have existed on the planet, thank you!!!!

I cut my musical teeth? on this stuff. My brothers, sisters, and I used to sit around the kitchen table and sing together to this, Simon and Garfunkel, Kingston / Chad Mitchell Trios and anything else with harmonies in it. Though, as a musician, I’ve play so many different styles of music, these are my roots. To the Seekers and all the other influences – Thank you for teaching me how to think music, and be music.

PPS. And here’s a live performance.

See kids, this is how the grown-up do it! No auto-tune in existence. We had to learn to do it right when it counted! Love the newspaper hats too! Won’t that at concerts much anymore!

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