Back From The Dead?

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Not me, of course.

When people talk about bringing an extinct species back to life through our ever expanding abilities to clone DNA, a-la Jurassic Park, everyone always turns to one of the largest, and maybe most popular extinct species, the wooly mammoth. And I will fully admit, bring them back from the dead would be very cool!

But< as a bird lover, there is another critter that has long been high on my list, and I just brought it up last week when the Sonic-Mate and I were listening to the Skeptics Guide To The Universe and talking about cloning…. The passenger pigeon! There are the most populous bird on the American continent. Yet, mostly through hunting, we literally wiped them from the face of the Earth by 1914.

Well, my prayers have been answered! A group of scientists are pursuing this very project! And this will be easier to pull of than the mammoth because the DNA samples are much newer, some samples are only a hundred years old verses the mammoths 4000 years or older DAN fragments.

It will be interesting to see how this all goes.

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