The War Ends… Gay Patriot Wins… I Think…. UPDATE – Or Not.

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Dan and Bruce are discussing what options to pursue on the matter. So things are indeed going to get resolved.

Meanwhile, things have gotten much worse! On a thread started by Gay Patriot West Dan (the one I supposedly wanted to kill himself) which is entitled STOP THE PERSONAL ATTACKS, it’s gone all serious meltdown with nuclear waste.

And the thread that launched my crusade against the guy who accused me of wanting Dan to kill himself?

Well, I officially dropped out of the thread at comment 162 or so, and it’s gone to 193, all pretty much vileness.

I think I’m going to suggest to Dan that he turn off the comments for a week or something. There is going to have to be a major purge to save that blog. Hope the guys are up to it.



It’s now been a couple of weeks…. And nothing has changed.

And I still have gotten no apology from NDT, accused me of wanting Dan to kill himself.


1 Comment to “The War Ends… Gay Patriot Wins… I Think…. UPDATE – Or Not.”

  1. By Lori Heine, June 25, 2013 @ 7:41 am

    Of course you do know what you and I both really did. We pointed out facts the mad nukers don’t have the gumption to face. They’re so insecure, they can’t just shoot the messengers — they’ve got to vaporize us with atomic warheads.

    I regard it as a badge of honor that people of that sort attack me. If I stayed on their favored-status list, there would have to be something seriously wrong with me. Their behavior is not a reflection on us; it’s a reflection on them.

    And of course we’re onto something. If we were really just full of hot air, they would have no reason to respond the way they have. The flying monkeys are sent out only when the Wicked Witch is angry.

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