Darrel Issa Is Joe McCarthy???

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That’s what this story says.

I’m sorry… But this is a horrible comparison. McCarthy used the full weight of his congressional powers to go after citizen for no valid reason. Issa’s actions are very much different from Ken Starr. Starr, first of all, was an independent investigator, and he was given cart-blance by the idiot Janet Reno to do whatever he wanted. Issa, though he has several things burning in his fires….

Oh… Oops… Bad pun….

His abilities are quite limited when compared to Starr.

And Bill Clinton, for all his political genius, DID lie to the grand jury, leaving himself wide open to his eventual fate!

If the IRS did indeed use greater scrutiny against one political faction than the other… That is clearly wrong and against the law. Though they did look at both conservative AND liberal groups, the IRS inspector general is on record as saying the Tea Party filers were indeed treated to a much higher standard than their progressive counterparts.

If that was the case, it was wrong and illegal. If the roles were reversed, and it appeared that progressives were treated unequally by the IRS over conservatives, your side would be screaming for investigations.

In my opinion, Issa may be overzealous, but we need people like him in every congress. Wish there would have been more of this in the previous administration.

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