Parking Lot Disasters!

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A friend of mine recently got into a fender bender…. With a light post in a deserted parking lot.

I don’t know if I can post his story yet, but it’s pretty funny and innocent… And kind of tragic that a newish car can be so damaged by a 5 mph collision. But, when the object on the other side of the equation is an unmovable object… Well….

Anyway. I ind of have a similar thing happen to me once.

I had spent a couple of weeks down in San Diego in the winter of 91. Up here in Fresno where I was going to college, they had redone the school parking lot, complete with redesigned island lay-out. Well, the drummer for my band at that time was family friends with the dean of the art dept at Fresno State, and had managed to get us permission to practice in the art building auditorium on Saturday nights. After I had come back to Fresno, upon the next practice, I marveled at the new parking lot I had to navigate to get to the auditorium.

A few hours of practice and beer drinking later, I didn’t think at all about the parking lot. Where it was twilight when I drove in the lot to get to practice so things were visible, it was now dark, and they hadn’t hooked up the parking lot lighting system yet.  I started pulling out of the lot like I always did, took one corner light as I always did….. And launched myself right over one of the new islands!   I found myself perfectly perched and balanced on a concrete curb just like in a cartoon. And since the construction wasn’t finished, the inside of the island was dirt… Mud, actually, since it had rained the night before. And yes, the front wheels of the 1979 front-wheel-drive Honda Accord were in the mud.

I was going nowhere.

And, I had completely destroyed my exhaust system, which I had just fixed the month before!.

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