“After The Fall”. Old Song…. New Life.

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Back in the early 90’s, in my first band Tribe Called Mike, we used to play two songs I had written years earlier. “After The Fall” was one of those songs. I don’t thinks it’s been played live since then. At the time, I had no confidence and just knew it was a horrible song and considered it filler for the more important things we played, which was everyone else’s songs.

Yeah, I had very VERY low self esteem back then. The thing about self esteem… No matter what you accomplish, you never see that it’s a real accomplishment. Low self esteem makes everything feel fake. It’s a filter that robs you of the bright and happy things in your life that are ripe for the taking and enjoying. Looking back, having my song played in this band was a MUCH BIGGER accomplishment than I ever was able to recognized.

The song has been in mothballs for twenty years now. It’s time to take it out of the closet, beat the dust off with a broomstick – or whatever is laying about – and get it ready for the solo album.

The lyric was written a year or two after I graduated from high school. The inspiration? I had a dream… or maybe a day dream… about a girl I had a crush on in high school, Debbie Sheffield. Good Lord she was HOT… And TOTALLY out of my league! Plus, she might have dated my older brother. The song is an alternate reality, where we had been a couple, but had broken up… For good! Final! Since it was two years in real life since I had even seen her, and I’m still thinking about her, can you imagine the idiot I would have been had we actually been in a relationship???? Can you say obsessive???? I’d break up with me too!!!

So, anyway, the song captures a mythical moment where I’m pining for the girl I lost, a girl in real life that I never even had….

Is that a bit psychotic????

Here is the lyric, which will be recorded for the solo album next year. BTW, This song is one of the ones that come to me as a complete thing, with both lyrics and music. For me, it’s usually only lyrics. I do love those magic moments where it all comes together at once:


it’s been a year or more
Since the prize fight
It was the worst fight
It was our last fight

Our friends were so concerned
They gave me advise (they said)
It would be all right
But I don’t buy it


After your fall from grace
I still long for your embrace
But you’re a memory without a face
Just a clue
I can’t erase


They say time heals all woulds
They stop bleeding
But never neatly
Not completely

After your fall from grace
I still long for your embrace
But you’re a memory without a face
Just a clue



After the fall
After the fall…. (repeated 6 more times)

The music on the chorus is going to be a bit different than the way I played it back then – I was genuinely not happy with that aspect of the song back then – But it will not stray too far from the original arrangement.

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