“Crooked” Hillary?

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As a guy who holds a degree in radio / video / film production, the election season is always a fun time for me. There is so much propaganda out there to dissect, it’s hard to decide where to begin. But sometimes, things fall into your lap. Here’s one about “Crooked” Hillary Clinton, and her authoritarian views on the US Mexican border that a friend posted on his facebook page.

It starts out by showing an edited 31 second video of Hillary speaking at the Counsel Of Foreign Relations. Note that the original video is over an hour long.

Here is the text that accompanies this propaganda piece:

I never ask you guys (or gals) to share anything, but dammit! share the hell out of this video! Hillary Clinton says Mexico is a problem, Mexican Government policy is pushing immigration, US needs to secure border, and illegals should be deported!?#?artoftheflipflop? ?#?trumpstalkingparrot? ?#?neverhillary?
Transcript: “Mexico is such an important problem. Mexico’s policies are pushing migration North. There isn’t any sensible approach. What need to do is simultaneously, you know, secure our borders, new technology, personnel, physical barriers, if necessary, in some places, and we need to get tougher employer sanctions, and we need to incentivize Mexico to do more. If they’ve committed transgressions of whatever kind, they should be obviously deported. “

From a speech to the Council on Foreign Relations in 2006. Only edited for time. The video and sound are slightly out of synch.

LIAR!!!! It’s not “only edited for time”. It’s edited to try and paint her as having the same views on the border wall as Trump. It’s total cherry-picking. The entire speech is about using both idealistic and realistic solutions to solve problems. The topic of the border comes up at about 48:00 minutes in. After laying out the case as to why many immigrants come here, the very first thing she says in regard to American policy is that we need to pass comprehensive immigration reform…. And she points out that the legislation to support that reform is stalled because of   Funny that the person that edited this conveniently left that out. That, folks, is manipulation. Propaganda.

Here is the unedited transcript of her response in that slice of video. I’ve put in bold the parts of the transcript that was used the propaganda video. That editing completely changes her answer from a multi-dimensional speech about the challenges of immigration to a “SECURE THE BORDER” rant the propagandists want you to think of when you think of Hillary Clinton. It’s a more nuanced and well studied position, something the opponents of Hillary don’t want you see:

“””QUESTIONER: Senator, even though you spoke about the issues—Gabriel Guerra. You spoke about issues of North Korea, Iran, the Middle East, but with all these big issues, we tend to forget our neighbors to the south. And I wanted to ask you questions on one specific one, which is Mexico, which is obviously very important to us. And what are your views with this new government in Mexico, your views on the government, our relations with Mexico, the issue of the border, the fence, and also the issue of the 12 million undocumented workers that we have here in the U.S.?

CLINTON: Thank you very much.

You’re right; we have given short shrift to Latin America, and we are paying for it. And today I didn’t talk about it or didn’t talk at length about China, Russia or what’s happening in Africa, which I’m very concerned about, with the collapse of a lot of these regimes and Islamists moving into the vacuum. There’s a lot that we have on our plate that doesn’t get into the headlines.

But specifically with Latin America—and you know so well, having served as an ambassador in Chile, that, you know, we have not been able to maintain the, you know, relationships that were nurtured during the ‘90s to support democracy, to support market economies. And people have been voting in a very clear message that they weren’t benefiting from these policies, and we were not really there trying to help them work better.

Mexico is such an important problem on our doorstep. I hope that the new government will have a concerted commitment to a jobs program to employ Mexicans. I mean, honestly, I wish they would go back and dust of the WPA. There is so much work to be done in Mexico. There is so much infrastructure—and it’s a classic case of a very small—relatively small number of people reaping the benefits of the natural resources and the, you know, economic, you know, prosperity that doesn’t trickle down.

And it so unfortunate because, you know, Mexico right now is poised to have a tremendous forward movement with its economy and with its political and social structure.

I don’t know what the new president will do. Obviously, the person running against him, you know, Lopez Obrador, had a very different approach and was very outspoken and even quite confrontational about what should be done. It would be great politics and it would have lasting impact if this new so-called more conservative government would actually deal with the conditions on the ground in Mexico.

You know, I heard just recently in talking about the problems we have on our border that hundreds of thousands of guest workers from Central America are brought into Mexico every year, because they will work for less than the poor Mexicans will work for. And in effect, the Mexican government’s policies are pushing migration north across our border. And there can be no long-term resolution unless economic growth increases in Mexico and unless there is some commitment to its equitable distribution.

Very briefly on immigration, I hope that we get back to comprehensive immigration reform. We’ve had an unfortunate political season where the issue has been used as a political football. There isn’t any sensible approach except to do what we need to do simultaneously—you know, secure our borders with technology, personnel, physical barriers if necessary in some places. And we need to have tougher employer sanctions and we need to try to incentivize Mexico to do more and we need to create the environment in which we get people out of the shadows and then give them some earned right to legalization that will enable them to continue to work. If they’ve committed transgressions of whatever kind, they should be obviously deported. But that won’t stop it unless Mexico and their neighbors to the south actually let these hard-working people have a future in their own countries. I mean, these are people who are willing to work. But for, you know, them, there is no future in where they came from, and that is a problem that the governments of their country and we should be trying to address.”””

So much of the omitted dialog in the last paragraph alone completely changes the perception of the type of immigration policy Hillary favors. Folks, that is propaganda, plain and simple.

If Hillary is such a horrible candidate and so “Crooked”, then why do you have to keep manipulating the evidence to try to make her seem so?  Here is the link to the full video of the CFR speech if you are inclined to watch it. I don’t “like” Hillary, but it’s hard to watch this and not come away with the opinion that she does at least have some knowledge of the issues she would face if she were to become President. I have yet to see anything like that from her opponent.

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