My Wall Of Peavey Basses!!!!

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The wall of Peavey is complete. From left to right:

1984 Fury – My most recent acquisition. Ash body, maple neck. First gen was old T-20 renamed. Second gen became a true P type bass. I accidentaly bought it in Reno last week, and after tuning it up a bit, I’m falling deeply in love with this thing! It ALMOST has a Rickenbacker sound.

1989 DynaBass – The first bass I bought was a black DynaBass in 1991. It got stolen in 2000. I had lined for another for a long while, and found “Red” for sale on The TalkBass forum in 2008ish. I LOVE that beast!!!

1998 Fury – A fine P bass for less than a Fender. It’s not as “cool” as having a real Precision Bass… But then, I was never cool.

2011 Millenium AC 5 String – One of my old bands was having a reunion, and I played mostly 5 string on our songs. Problem was… I no longer had a 5er. I found this for a bargain. Not their top of the line model, but it does have the same electronics and pickups of their more expensive Cirrus bass… Which I wants btw.

Oh… And the thing hanging on the wall with the squares is an early “Acoustic Frames” prototype.

UPDAT: I was just checking eBay, and there is a Peavey fretless 5 string that needs a new home….



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