The FrankenBass!!!

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In case you don’t know, I love’z Peavey basses!!!! Mid 90’s and earlier are some terrific instruments. Here is the FrankenBass I built earlier this year.┬áIt’s a Foundation body, Patriot neck, flat wounds, T-15 pup’s, and my own “rail” system to hold the pup’s in place. The T-15 is a regular six string electric guitar, not a bass. I saw them on eBay one day as I was surfing for parts, and wondered what it would sound like to have those in there, so I figured what the heck. Those guitar pup’s??? They’re very HOT, really gives the thing an interesting sound. I swapped the normal volume pot with a push-pull pot. I can now instantly cut the line to my instrument without messing with the volume. I plan on adding a dual pot so I can control the tone of each pickup.

Ladies And Gent’s… The FrankenBass!!!

Oh.. And there WILL be more stickers.

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