Police Band Info

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Songs I have learned   /  performed:

With Chris:

  • So Lonely
  • Truth Hits Everybody
  • Message In A Bottle
  • Synchronicity II

I think there’s one more, but I can’t recall what it is.

With Rare Form:

  • Do Do Do

With Tribe Called Mike:

  • Born In The 60’s (BIT50’s with altered lyrics)

Songs I’d like to do:

  • Bring On The Night
  • Voices Inside My Head
  • Drive To Tears / When The World Is Running Down (must be performed together)
  • Demolition Man (hard for me, but I don’t care… Love This Song!)
  • Mrs Gradenko

Let me know what you guys would like to do in the comments.

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  1. By Tweed, September 15, 2009 @ 7:36 pm

    I know we had about 7 or 8 songs back when we were doing “a tribe called mike plus chris” (personally, I kinda like “Men in a Suitcase”). I can’t remember them all either…I’ll start with those four, plus Do Do Do & 50’s/60’s and we can go from there. I’d say 10 songs should be sufficient for us to get things going.

    P.S. – don’t respond to me in these comments…until today, I still thought you were using your blogspot.com site….i’m SO out of the loop…

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