Has McCain Been Channeling the Penguin???

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And then there’s this.

Batman – the mask – could it represent the hidden nature of Obama’s true views? And look at Robin’s hair when he comes bouncing in toward the end – he does seem to be a young Joe Biden. Think about it, Biden bounds from one gaff to another, much like Robin hovering around Batman during the entire run of the series.

“As crooked as a warped shillelagh”, that’s kind of Palinesque, but it’s unknown who Penguin’s running mate is at this point, and I seriously doubt it’s Chief O’Hara. A very strong case could be made for the Joker. He’s very popular with the base, though he doesn’t spend nearly as much money or fuss about his wardrobe. But he certainly is boisterous, and like Palin, he would step out on his own the first chance he could get.

Of course, the big problem for McCain / Penguin – Batman always wins.

Hat Tip for the idea: Zach.

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