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Clint Eastwood Chose The Wrong Words.

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Soooo many people are indignant that Eastwood would suggest that President Obama might tell someone something to the equivalent of “F*&% You”…. Um…. I should point out he’s come close to doing just that. More than once. Raise your hand if you think a President who would go on national television and proudly tell the […]

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Supreme YouTube Banter! Candy-O Style!

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I say often that I was sick and tired of 1970’s longhairs and their guitars…but then came synths, hungry starving bands on Welfare, and inno-FREAKING-vation.? 80’s New Wave and alternative appealed to something I had no name for, but which I now recognize is my cold, cold silicon heart. The Cars combined New Wave cool […]

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Low Water Opportunities.

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Headline: “Drought Sends Mississippi Into “Uncharted Territory” Um…. Since the water level is so low, this would be a GREAT time to fix some of those old dilapidated levees we’re rightly concerned about. I’m just saying.

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