Newt G. and Al G. – Are They Using The Same Playbook? UPDATE!

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I blogged last year that the upcoming Presidential election is Al Gores to lose. Thanks to this article about Newt Gingrich, I now know just how he’s going to do it. Al Gore is going to run a very traditional campaign for the office… traditional for Presidents Washington through Van Buren.

During the first 50 sum-odd years of our national history, it was considered unbecoming for a candidate to show ambition for the Presidency. Of coarse, with the exceptions of Washington, Adams, and maybe Jackson, most were ambitious men who wanted the top prize – they were just not supposed to acknowledge their lofty ambitions. This ambition was something that was to be kept close to the vest, shared only with those intimates who also ran in political circles. That didn’t stop candidates from acting behind the scenes to diminish support or damage the reputation of their opponents. Thomas Jefferson practically invented the first Presidential “swift boat” campaign by funding and utilizing journalist Thomas Calendar to spread rumors and innuendo against competitor and sitting President John Adams. William Harrison, who was running against Martin Van Buren, was the first candidate to campaigning openly for the office. It’s been all down hill ever since.

Back to the present. Enter Al Gore. While Hillary and Obama and Edwards trade barbs this summer, Alie G. will be on his high profile (and highly polluting) whirlwind Global Warming Concert Tour, getting the kind of positive publicity that all the current candidates could only dream of. When the time is right and a candidate emerges as the probable front runner, Al will make his move and jump into the fray. He will easily be able to justify his unconventional actions by saying the public is demanding that he run. If the front runner is either Obama or Edwards, they will look like light weights when compared to Gore. If it’s Hillary, she has the weight of the yes vote to go to war with Iraq, which Gore will pummel her with to sink her chances of getting the nomination next spring. Al Gore will be able to unify the Democratic party behind him, which given the divide between the socio-cons and the fiscal-cons, is something I don’t see any of the current hundreds of GOP candidates being able to do within their party. It’s too daunting a task, even for Gingrich if he decides to run. This election is Gores.

UPDATE: More good press for Gore.

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