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to restore my catagories.

The Bird's Got Rhythm!

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Cool birdie news –birds have a sense of musical rhythm. But we already knew that! AC/DC even wrote a song about it. I been around the world I’ve seen a million birds Ain’t one of them got What my birdie she got She stealin’ the spotlight Knocks me of my feet She’s enough to start […]

Thursday April 30th, 2009 in Birds, Music / Video | No Comments »

Nature Gone Wild!

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I blame this on Global Warming…

Friday October 3rd, 2008 in Birds | No Comments »

Miss Bird….

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When she had all her feathers. Here is more recent video of Miss Bird, sans breast feathers. She is, slowly but surely, starting to let some of her feathers grow back. I hope by next spring she will have most of her plumage back.

Thursday October 2nd, 2008 in Birds | 1 Comment »

Crows Rock! UPDATE.

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.. and reason. They are probably libertarians. This story, from a few years ago, really amazed me. There is video too, but I can’t find it at the moment. I found the video. File under: “Birds Are Cool”!!!

Thursday September 18th, 2008 in Birds | No Comments »

From The "Just Thought You Should Know" Dept, File # 78

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Have you ever wondered why a pigeon bobs its head when it walks? If the question keeps you up at night, sleep well, ’cause here’s the answer: The pigeon has side mounted eyes unlike humans and owls which have forward facing eyes. As a pigeons have monocular vision rather than binocular vision they bob their […]

Thursday August 2nd, 2007 in Birds | No Comments »

Video Player Test.

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(I don’t know if this will work, but here goes nothing) This is a tree. Within the tree is a most boisterous mockingbird. Enjoy! here OK. On two linux desktops, Ubuntu and Mint, the video plays but has no audio. The video plays fine plays on XP desktops, so most of my friends should be […]

Sunday April 22nd, 2007 in Birds, Geek!, Music / Video | No Comments »

Observation Of The Day!

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Pigeons are smart enough to play in the street without getting hit by cars. Can’t say that of a human. A comment by Adam Fastman (Somerville, Massachusetts) from This Article about the long term memory capabilities of birds. Now I wonder if pigions would fair better than humans when designing electronic voting machines. PS. What, […]

Tuesday November 7th, 2006 in Birds | No Comments »