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Wooten Was AWESOME!!!!!!

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Yes! I go to see and meet bass extraordinares Victor Wooten and Anthony Wellington!!!!I have to work now, but later, I’ll reflect on a few of the things I learneded!

F.G.S.F.O.Y. # 4

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There were two basic waves of music in the early 80’s. There was glam / metal, such as Ratt and Motley Crue, and there was New Wave, the Human League or B-52’s, or even U2. Musicians, at least the ones I knew, tended to fall into the glam camp, as the perception was that the […]

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I’m No Bassist… THIS GUY’S A BASSIST!!!!!!

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Abe Laboriel!

Monday September 27th, 2010 in Bass / Guitar Techniques, Music / Video | 1 Comment »

Favorite Guitar Solo Found On Youtube, # 3

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Just one name says it all – PRINCE! At 3:30 in. The guy is freakishly amazing! Love one of the comments left on the page. Blackboab2004 wrote: if you watch closely around the 5 min mark…you can see tom petty giving signs to prince to go for it…..then shaking his head in disbelief….george harrison’s son […]

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Youtube Bonus Round…. Many Solo’s

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Favorite Guitar Solos Found On Youtube #2 (From the “Cliff, You want it? You got it!” files)

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My San Diego / RareForm guitarist Cliff suggested this artist. From Trevor Rabin: “Something To Hold On To!”. Me and a college friend used to talk about how disgusting it was to see musicians who have the complete package – great voice, mad virtuosic talents, is a master behind the mixing board,… oh, and has […]

Sunday September 26th, 2010 in Bass / Guitar Techniques, Music / Video | 8 Comments »

Favorite Guitar Solos Found On YouTube. # 1

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Here’s one! I’ve always loved this because it’s short and sweet, and it’s performed by one of my all time favorite guitarists, Toto’s Steve Lukather. Members of Toto played on most of the album. Lukather, along with Toto keyboard player David Paich and, just for a moment, drummer Jeff Porcaro appear in the video. Luke’s […]

Saturday September 25th, 2010 in Bass / Guitar Techniques, Music / Video | 1 Comment »

Battle Of The Police Tribute Bands! MEGA-UPDATED!

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They’re both from Europe. The Castaways VS Nek VS Synchronicity VS Klark Kent VS Scrantonicity!

Tuesday August 31st, 2010 in Bass / Guitar Techniques, Music / Video | 3 Comments »

“Pink Champaign On The Ceiling, Pink Champaign On Ice”….

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Those are my accidentally mangles lyrics to the song “Hotel California”, sputtered in front of a large audience while performing with my post-college band Tribe Called Mike.  That was over twelve years ago, and the Sonic-Mate still won’t let me forget it!!!  🙂 Over at Talk Bass, one of the young bass players is about […]

Friday June 11th, 2010 in Bass / Guitar Techniques | 2 Comments »

To Power Condition, Or Not To Power Condition?

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Haven’t done a bass technique post in a while. Some helpful advise on running power conditioners from the guys over at Talk Bass. Here is a comment from fourstringburn: One thing you should know about power conditioners. There great for plugging your rack mount equipment but contrary to opinions, You shouldn’t plug an amplifier into […]

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