Not So Turbo-Quick…

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UPDATE: So yesterday turned out to be a quagmire, kinda like the one after the first week of the Iraq war, sans sand storm; a quagmire only because I wanted everything to be done NOW and that wasn’t going to happen. I rented an engine hoist (cherry picker) on Saturday and they didn’t give me an engine sling, which makes the hoist useless when trying to lift an engine. I called them and they didn’t have one, so I returned the hoist and got my money back. I ended up buying a hoist for $150 (and of course the hoist didn’t come with a sling either but I found a way to improvise. Thank God for bungee cords. Just kidding … I used high capacity tie-downs). I could have rented one, with sling, from another company in town, but the realization hit me that the engine / tranny swap was probably going to take several days, and the rental fees would have come close to the purchase price. Plus, in a couple of months, my lead vocalist will be swapping engines in his Pontiac Fiero and was planning on buying a hoist for the job. When he starts his project, he’s agreed to buy this one from me, and if he doesn’t, I can sell it on e-bay.

Then I started shopping for the bits and gaskets that I need to do this right. But again fate was against me. Each auto parts store had only one or two of the needed parts in stock, so I had to go all over town to get the stuff, and I’m still a piece or two.

So now it’s 5 pm. Had to assemble the hoist.

So now its 6:30 pm. And I’m too tired and frustrated from the lack of progress to do anything else.

I did manage to get a little prep work on the new(er) engine last night. But dinner called… AND the new season of Family Guy started at nine. It Rocked!!!