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Sully had this bit posted on his blog today, a quote from Tyler Cowen (who?) explaining why liberals should favor supply-side economics:

“The other major issue regarding the how-the-poor-would-invest-if-they-had-money question is, a substantial minority of the poor are that way BECAUSE they aren’t good at money management.”

Uhm, isn’t the major issue regarding the how-the-poor-would-invest-if-they-had-money question, is that, unlike the theoretical construct we are playing with, in the real world the poor HAVE NO MONEY to invest? But some probably would be bad investors, if for no other reason than they didn’t have the benefit of growing up in an environment where having disposable income was a part of the daily fabric of life. We learn so much by the example set by our family environment as we grow into adulthood. Children who grow up in a cash starved construct will know how to survive, a skill in itself, but may not know much about, or be distrustful of the basic concepts of growth economics. Example: I’m a guy raised in the A/C cooled, shop-for-food lifestyle of the typical American middle class. Throw me into the heart of Australia, a barren desert, and my chances of survival would be thin. Yet there are populations of aborigines who have lived their for thousands of years and survived because they were taught how from birth.

Hope this makes sense. I just woke up and haven’t had my coffee yet.