Three Quick Predictions – One Good, One Bad, and…

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… one that may already be coming true.

Let’s start with the latter.

Prediction 1: It’s not really a prediction, but more of a warning. It involves Pakistan. Musharraf has declared martial law, apparently to quash a supreme court ruling that may have prevented him from running run president in the upcoming elections. Musharraf is doing all he can, using any means possible, to hold onto power. He is cracking down on pro-democratic factions who say that the constitution forbids a sitting general from holding the presidency. Meanwhile, the Taliban, al-Qaida and other radical Islamic sects taking shelter within the country’s moutainous regions, will only continue to gain public support through Musharrafs latest actions. While everyone else and their mother’s dog has been kvetching about Iran and their desire to acquire nukes, I have been saying that the greater threat, by far, is an Islamist revolt in Pakistan, which already has nuclear weapons. Let’s hope the pro-democratic forces are stronger.

Prediction 2: The Good One – The Iraqi government will soon formally request that the US start drawing down it’s forces in Iraq. Bush has always said that when we are asked to leave, we will leave. And if the Iraqi’s did ask us to skedaddle, that would be about as close as we’re going to get to being able to declare victory in this conflict – as long as the request was issued on good terms. That would be good for all concerned, unless, of coarse, the sectarian violence (sounds like the name of a race horse) bubbles back to the surface, in which case…. screw em’; it’s their problem now. Can you tell I’m sick of dealing with this mess?

Prediction 3: You think gas prices are high now? Watch Out!!! Immediately following the second prediction, the Iraqi government will announce they have made a deal, signing off all oil production rights to Russia. The Iraqis would have more control over drilling operations and keep more of the profits generated by their oil reserves under Russian contracts than they would under western oil conglomerates. The Russian, who already have oil deals with Iran in the works, would be happy to make nothing if they had to because this deal would be a stick in the eye of the United States.

Now have a nice day.