Political Ramblings. UPDATE!

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This type of probe should have happened long ago over the “Oil For Food” fiasco. Yes I know the UN did investigate O.F.F., but I’m not sure if I would classify that as an honest attempt to hold ALL those involved accountable (though someone is paying the price). Meanwhile, on this side of the pond, former Bush admin. press secretary Scott McClellan is SHOCKED, SHOCKED I TELL YOU that he gave false information at some of the press briefings he presided over. He’s upset that he had to provide spin for the goings-on in the White House? Isn’t that kinda part of the job of the press secretary?

UPDATE: If Karl Rove is like the bus driver and the Bush administration is the bus, it looks as if the bus driver has, well, thrown the bus under the bus!

PS. I have some music and video that will be posted by the end of the day. Stay tuned.