Another For Cliffie

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Just to piss you off!

Another Great Voice Has Passed

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Levi Stubbs, from the Four Tops.

The Family Expands

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Here is a picture of our new dog Odo. He is a Pitbull-ish pup, probably about four months old judging from his almost full-grown muscular body but puppy-like behavior.


We went to breakfast last Sunday morning at our favorite Tower District restaurant, Irene’s, and notice this puppy wandering around. He was skin and bones and had not eaten well for quite some time. As we were waiting to go in and get a table, we noticed the dog was wandering in and out of the street. We could not stand by and wait for the dog to get hit by a car, so after just a bit of hesitation, we decided to take him home. We have been looking in the paper for a lost dog matching his description, but nothing has shown up. So it looks like we have a new dog to ad to the menagerie.


Scratch the four y/o estimate. It’s probably more like one year. Here’s a newer picture of Odo.

Arrr, Cap'n To The Bridge….

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God Dammit Ringo. We asked for a replica of a Dreadnought Battleship! !!!!!!!

This didn’t work for my band. If this bozo gets signed because of this stunt, I swear to God I’ll…

I didn’t know the Little River Band was touring again.

Last but not least, one for Jim:

Boy, when he saw what the Lilliputians had done to his precious Martin guitar, Gulliver was extremely pissed…

Hat Tip: V the K

Suing God?

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Yes, someone went there!

And although the case got thrown out, Michael Neudow must be kicking himself about now!!!

Dimension Womb!

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The newest hot tub by Dimenstion One.

OK, I have now decided who I'm voting for….

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I was going to write in Paris Hilton, but with all the tax breaks aimed at him, he’ll have plenty of money to fix the economy:

Joe The Plumber, For President!

Live Blogging the Debate for One Second

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Watching CNN.

6:31 – Obama says something about campaign ads, saying that the negative stuff has gone “tit for tat”. When he said “tit” the mens line on the Vote-O-Meter shiffened way up.

Who the HELL is Joe the Plumber. Isn’t that Obama’s running mate?

6:32 – OK. I’m bored now.

Why I Will Not Vote For Sarah Palin For President (or VP)

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I just listened to an interview with megahistorian and uber-conservative Victor Davis Hanson, explaining why he thinks the criticism of Sarah Palin is overblown, especially concerning her lack of verbal skills. He said that this trait doesn’t necessarily indicate her capacity as a politician and a leader. A friend at the blog Gay Patriot asked the same type of question:

So you think that if someone doesn’t mix up their words, they must be better and more knowledgeable than you? Wow.

Well, it’s a decent start. I wouldn’t vote for me as president. A guy has to know his (or her) limitations.

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Why Do We Do This Bloging Thing???

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(yes I posted this on my old blog years ago, but I figured – what the hey)

Hey anyone, will you read my work?
It took some time to write, will you take a look?
It takes up way to much time I fear
I will lose my job, but I want to be a blogosphere writer,
Blogosphere writer.

It’s the wandering thoughts of a musician
And I write it simple so you’ll understand.
You can leave a comment or send an e-mail,
I just lost my job so I want to be a Blogosphere writer,
Blogosphere writer.

Blogosphere writer

It’s a thousand words, give or take a few,
I’ll be writing more in a day or two.
I can post jpegs I know they’ll make you smile,
I’ll pretend I’m smart cause I want to be a Blogosphere writer,
Blogosphere writer.

If you really like it you can hyperlink,
It can make you laugh It can make you think.
Blogging’s easy I’ve got google ads too
But I need some traffic cause I want to be a Blogosphere writer,
Blogosphere writer.

Blogosphere writer

Blogosphere writer – Blogosphere writer
Blogosphere writer – Blogosphere writer