The New Header Image!

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Yes, It’s new, It’s panoramic… And original!!! We Made This!!!

It’s Tenaya Lake in Yosemite National Park, which is only a 1 1/2 hour’s drive from Fresno. You can drive by the lake on Highway 140 and take pictures from there, but we go ours from the southern point of the trail (red line at tip of 90° angle). Greg used “Hugin” an open source program, to stitch together these three pictures to make the panoramic view you see in the header.

This was our fifth Yosemite hike. We have conquered Half Dome, twice, and hiked to Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls. We normally go on our annual hike in the spring, but because of the time constraints of my student teaching, we didn’t go until last week-end. It was worth it. We hiked from Tenaya Lake to Clouds Rest. I had never been in Yosemite in the fall, and let me tell you, the colors were stunning!

We hiked to the top of Clouds Rest… well almost. Greg was having problems with his knee, and there were rain clouds building, so we had to turn around. At the altitude we were at, 10,00 feet, it is alway dangerous during a rain event, as even a small shower can quickly develop into thunderstorms, and the incidence of

Here is Greg, doing his best imitation of a lumberjack!

I Rock!!!!

I would like to go back, but they close the area we went to as soon as the first snows fall, and that will be very soon.

PS. I’m going to put together more of these panoramic shots, and have the header images vary at login. My genius friend and blogpal Johnny Rockstar (brother of my former drummer’s wife) has had this going on on his blog for some time, and I want to get in on the action.

Al Gore – Secretary of Exaggeration and Distortion!

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Move over Dioxin Dolly and James Watts.

Since both political candidates have tapped Gore to be the Global Warming Czar or something, they should keep this in mind – Gore isn’t always, well, truthfull. Even the AGW true believers admit Gore is not the most honest broker when it comes to Global Warming. But as long as they get what they want, then lying is perfectly OK I guess.

BTW. Changes in wind circulation patterns are main cause of ice loss in Greenland and Antarctic, not AGW, so say two peer reviewed studies.