Has McCain Been Channeling the Penguin???

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And then there’s this.

Batman – the mask – could it represent the hidden nature of Obama’s true views? And look at Robin’s hair when he comes bouncing in toward the end – he does seem to be a young Joe Biden. Think about it, Biden bounds from one gaff to another, much like Robin hovering around Batman during the entire run of the series.

“As crooked as a warped shillelagh”, that’s kind of Palinesque, but it’s unknown who Penguin’s running mate is at this point, and I seriously doubt it’s Chief O’Hara. A very strong case could be made for the Joker. He’s very popular with the base, though he doesn’t spend nearly as much money or fuss about his wardrobe. But he certainly is boisterous, and like Palin, he would step out on his own the first chance he could get.

Of course, the big problem for McCain / Penguin – Batman always wins.

Hat Tip for the idea: Zach.

From The "You Can Put Lipstick on a Pig" File… UPDATE

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… or in this case, on a neo-nazi (sorry, no capital letters for you). Jules Crittenden noticed that one of the neo-nazi guys who thought it would be cool to blow things up and off Barrack Obama kinda looks, well, a little swishey. Yep, my gaydar twitched more than a little.

I swear he’s wearing lipstick… and a little eyeliner. And what a tiny little head on this punk. Actually, I think he is just a bit misunderstood. It hasn’t been reported yet, but just last week he left the neo-nazi’s and joined the Racists for Sarah Palin club. He’s really, really into her, I mean she really turns his knobs. After a little more time he was hoping to look like this.

He’ll need to learn to smile more.

UPDATE: Just learned, unlike so many of these idiot neo-nazi jokes, that at least this guy is of German descent. World, meet Paul Schlesselman. I think we all need to be a little more sensitive to his cultural identity.

Hat Tip: Insta-P

The Week-end That Was… Random Thoughts

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This week-end was very busy. On Saturday, Acoustic Highway, my Fresno band, had an all day gig at Tachi Palace, an Indian Casino just outside Lemoore California. The occasion? The annual PT Cruiser Club Show. This Chrysler car has quite a devoted following, and many of the owners deck out the cars. Here are some of the Cruisers at the show:

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