Canceling Missile Defense In Poland / Czechoslovakia – What’s The Big Deal?

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I don’t have a problem with this. Here’s why.

Look as this in pure strategic terms. Whose missiles are we potentially going to have to shoot down? Russia’s? China’s? They won’t launch for the same reason they never did during the cold war- mutual assured destruction. If Russia, for whatever reason, decided to invade, SDI’ish systems would do nothing to stop them. I’m not a fan of Putin’s version of Russia, but we are no longer mortal enemies as we were thirty years ago. We no longer need to keep fighting the cold war. And besides, Russia has found a new much more effective weapon with which to wield its power… oil. Too bad we couldn’t won’t take a page from their book.

So, we aren’t fighting the Cold War. What about the war on terror? The biggest threat is Iran. Not only do they not have a nuke, but they don’t have a missile that could carry that payload to Europe even if they did. Lets assume they do get both nuke and a medium range missile in the next five year. OK. Who will the prime target be… Israel of course. Pull up a map. There is no way that an Iranian missile aimed at Israel could be intercepted by missiles fired from Poland. Once Pakistan falls to the Islamic hardliners, which is probably inevitable, the anti-missile shield based in Europe would not protect India, their greatest foe, from attack.

So I ask, why is it so important to have these systems in either Poland or Czechoslovakia? NATO, of which we’re a part of, the organization in charge of Europe’s military defense, is on record saying they don’t think it’s necessary to have them. Conservatives used to protest the fact that so much of our military capital is spent on defending Europe, and they need to learn to take on more of the burden – learn to stand on their own two feet. Well, here’s their chance.

And as far as building the system in Hawaii? Better to spend our dollars protecting ourselves and our liberty for a change, instead of squandering our resources in countries that don’t want it.

That’s it. Pick it apart my friends.