An Addition To the “But That’s Different” File

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The Huffington Post has an interesting rubric when deciding who is a villainous criminal and should rot in hell, and who should be forgiven. One person of interest, a Republican, sent dirty IM’s to 17 year olds, the other, a Democrat, drugged and raped a 13 year old. Guess which one they are forgiving?

“Going Rogue!”

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When I heard that this was the title of Sarah Palin’s new book, my immediate thought was: “It will be no time at all before we see this picture with Palin’s face over-layed on the image!” Would be a great cover for the book.


Actually, after simply putting glasses on her, Rogue and Palin do look alike. Hmmm….

Holy Separated At Birth Batman! I’ve just discovered that Sarah Palin is Rogue’s secret identity!!!!