More Evidence That “Climat” Change Is Gay!

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Here is the first clue.

A Personal Note

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I’m in a reflective mood.

I fixed Murphy, the $500 87 Subaru Turbo Wagon – replaced the front driverside halfshaft. I get great satisfaction when I give my car new life. That is the beauty of machines. You can bring them back. But real life isn’t like that. Last month, I lost a friend. It wasn’t someone I was close to, but still there was a connection, as there were a lot of shared high school memories, and he was in the same circle of friends that my sister and I shared an orbit with. I went to his service on Saturday, and shared a story about Brian, about the escapades that occurred in German class in high school. He would pass around a hat and collect money, go to the little market across the street, and bring back Doritos, Cheetos, and soda. That was German class much of the time, thanks to Brian. It wasn’t much of a story really. Again, I didn’t know him that well. There were others who were much more connected in his life than I. But I thought it would be nice to share this part of his life that some may not have heard about. In retrospect, Brian was someone I would have liked to have, and should have, known better. We lost a good one.

I’m going to do something none of us do as much as we should. I’m going to take this time to thank my family for everything they have given to my life (especially the music – even though we’re sometimes bizarre, God, I have a great family), and I want to thank my old friends (I will always cherish you guys), my band-mates, present and former (Cliff, Dan, Mike; I’m a better person and musician because you gave me the chance to play with such great musicians, and quality people that you are) and thank the new ones who have come into my life thanks to FaceBook (Beth, Mike, Jeanne, Bruce, etc). I want to especially thank Steve M. and Sylvia G., even through the turbulence, for being wonderful best friends all those years ago. I need to thank another friend who is no longer with us, Rob J, for teaching me how not to be afraid of my own life. Finally. to Greg… well, I can’t say enough.

OK, I’m turning the sappiness off now. Back to being a wise-acre!…

And NO, I’m not dying or anything. I just wanted to express my thanks to all of you. Now shut up and listen.