Why Modern News Networks Fail!

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New Sonicfrog Feature – YouTube Banter!

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I love YouTube. It’s glorious waste of time! And sometimes, buried within the comments, which are just rich with humor, invectives, silliness.. are unspoken truths! Here’s one from a Squeeze video.

i’m 25 years? old and i understand why you would say that, but give us a chance….seriously some of us are ok and besides we will inherit/destroy the world someday

Glad to see he’s keeping his options open. Excellent!!!!

Here’s the video:

Sexy Done Right!…. And Eew!

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(Welcome Insta-P Readers! Always glad to get an Intsalanche – They’re not easy to come by)

Miss Jane Russell – RIP.

Now, contrast that with the latest from Lady Gaga. After the interesting first 23 seconds (good use of angles and shifting the axis of action), you might want to skip the weird and bizarre birthing of the “sthuper!” race video and go to the 3 minute mark of this one.

After being both fascinated and reviled by the pseudo-vagina laden opening, the first thing I thought was… “Jeez…. You really need to eat something!”. There is just nothing about LG that I could see as sexy, even if I wasn’t gay! (Yes Rob, I knew that comment was coming). I know she’s talented and people like her, but is this obvious rehash of a Madonna song supposed to be good?

So, in summary – One is hot and unfortunately now dead. The other…. Eww…..

LG makes me ashamed to be gay.

PS. Leave it to Jane Russell to alleviate that shame! Now this is gay done right!!!

Hat Tip: Dan B @ Gay Patriot.

I have written a follow-up post here.