Total 80’s Kick!

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Music Videos of course…. And not the obvious stuff.

I’m going to rebuild the web site for my San Diego band RareForm. We do a lot of 80’s stuff, and I stumbled upon this fine 80’s song while looking for another song we perform called China. I had actually had tried to look for it a while back, but never made the right connection.

I’m thinking we’ll have to play it for the next gig!

Here’s China, by the Red Rockers!

And then there’s this one, One Simple Thing by The Stabilizers! It’s always been a favorite of mine and my guitarist Cliffie as well! Just listen to that guitar tone!!! I just found out it’s directed by David Fincher no less! He always seems to have chains in everything he does – Alien 3 had lots of them – and you’ll find them here too!!!

OK. Fine. I’ll post The Rembrandts too! This is one of the first, if not the first, ballad I learned to sing and play.