The Unfortunate Truth About Hero Charles Ramsey.

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Before I continue, let me say I LOVE this guy! Not only because he’s a hero, but his interviews show him to be a true and honest guy. He is who he is, one of the many unique Americans that are around us every day!

But, unfortunately, he has a problem. You see, he lives in Cleveland, which is predominantly Democrat (the part of town where Ramsey livesvoted 80% for the imcumbent).  He goes to McDonalds, which, according to some GOP talkers,  is typical of many poor Democrats. He talks improper English, which is also said to be typical of Democrats. And, the worst part… He’s black, and 90 percent of African Americans vote Democrat.

So, if Ramsey is indeed a Democrat, and if you follow the latest meme about non-Republican voters spouted by the GOP since they lost to President Obama in November, Charles Ramsey is, most likely, a “low information voter”!

Right now, he’s a hero.  But in a few weeks, he’ll be back to being a “low information voter”. And just wait until Obama has him up at the White House!  That will certainly piss them off.


OK. I understand the bitterness that comes when the fates of politics don’t go your way. But I’ve been really ticked at a faction of the vocal Republicans and Conservatives who constantly label everyone who didn’t vote for Romney or the GOP in the last election as “low information voters”.  It’s insulting. If they are concerned at all about trying to win hearts and minds so that they can maybe attract more voters, this is the worst thing they can do. I will keep harping on this, and when the next election comes around, if they are still using this terminology, I will make sure that the general public knows of the contempt the modern GOP has for the average voter.