Bill Nye….. The Non-Science Guy.

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It’s one thing when a scientific dunce in the form of California’s Senator Barbara “Ma’am” Boxer says the F-5 that hit Moore Oklahoma is caused by global warming. You kind of expect such unprovable nonsense from her. But when a guy who touts himself as “The Science Guy” says the same thing… Well, I can’t let that go by.

Because the actual scientific measurements provided by NOAA of tornadoes rated F-3 and above simply does not support the statements made by Senator Boxer and Bill Nye. Even with the incredible increase in our ability to detect tornado activity in the last 20 years due to greatly improved Dopplar radar technology, the trend for larger tornado formation since 1954, is down!

Strange thing is…. Bill Nye and other strong advocates for the alarmist anthropogenic global warming faction could make an argument that AGW affects tornadoes. The formation of tornadoes relies of both warmer air AND cold air, something Nye doesn’t seem to know. Global warming might be affecting the frequency of tornado formation because it’s causing a decrease in cold systems aloft, making larger tornadoes LESS likely.

And the real world observations provided by NOAA supports that hypothesis, as the trend of observed larger tornado occurrences does seem to have decreased a bit over the years.

But a trend of LESS larger tornadoes just isn’t useful to the global warming alarmist industrial complex, so they’re not going to follow what the real world observations seem to be suggesting.