The Tea Party Is Dead… It’s REALLY Official Now…. Long Live The Social Conservatives!!!!

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I wrote this on my blog way back in 2009:

“””I was afraid of this. I am seeing more and more non-fiscal issues getting pushed into the TP agenda. From a link I provided in the previous post, a quote from one of the Tea Party organizers in Madera confirms that the message of fiscal responsibility is slowly being pushed to the side by those with other agendas:

—- The “Tea Parties” initially started as a tax protest movement after Democrats swept the White House and Congress. Rogers wants the “Did You Know” section on the handout to let the public know their movement like the Declaration of Independence isn’t just about taxes. “If people don’t wake up concerning our freedoms, we’re going to find ourselves completely stifled and unable to be a free people anymore.” —-

I haven’t seen the “DYK” part of the handout yet, but…..

Dammit People. Just stick to fiscal stuff. Leave the rest to others!!!!

I have been at odds with my blog-pals over at Gay Patriot, in stating that the reason the Republicans lost their way was because after the Republicans won on the “Contract With America”, fiscal conservatism took a back seat to social conservatism. Sorry Dan, but sooner or later you’re just going to have to admit I’m right on this.””””

In early 2010, I showed how the “Tea Party” was not for fiscal responsibility here:

It became clear early on that the Bush administration was not going to make any effort what-so-ever to address that issue, and instead showed themselves to be more of the same as usual type administration as far as spending is concerned. I didn’t vote for either Bush or Kerry in 2004, and I was so ticked at the economic stupidity on display for the 2008 choices, I wrote in Paris Hilton for President. I figured it couldn’t have been much worse.

You would think I would be a prime candidate for the Tea Party recruiters…. Nope.

I liked the idea, but it quickly became obvious that the weakened Republican party was laying the groundwork for massive infiltration. Running on the ideal of “smaller government” and “less taxes” is fine, but my question is always this: “What are you going to cut?”.

I usually get a response such as: “Well, entitlements are a huge reason why we’re going broke!”

“OK. So how much of the medicare and social security benefits are you going to cut?”.

“Well, we won’t know until we have our guys in office”.

Note that’s not really an answer, and I know I won’t get one. So I go to a different topic – George W Bush. He is universally derided for he spending policies. So I pose this question: “We both know that Bush spent way too much and was a “big government” President. Which of the Bush big government add-ons are you proposing we cut? Medicare-D? No Child Left Behind? Department of Homeland Security?”

I never get an answer.

The fact that the Republicans scored political points against ObamaCare by opposing cuts in medicare is all you need to know about how serious they are about reducing spending.

By September, it was clear that the Social Conservatives had taken over the Tea Party… OK, they had started taking over well before that, but that is when I wrote this concerning the nomination of several “somewhat Christian” candidates:

…political propaganda wise, the nomination of O’Donnell s a Delaware Democrat’s wet dream come true! I’m sure this is just the tip of the tragic iceberg as far as campaign ad fodder goes. The Tea Party has nominated Messianic Sharron Angle, and now the uber-religious O’Donnell. Is the Tea Party now the new Moral Majority? Stay tuned.

And this concerning Social Conservative…. Er, I mean the Tea Party gubernatorial candidate for New York Carl Paladino, who said this about icky gays:

“That’s not how God created us, and that’s not the example that we should be showing our children.”….

At that, I asked:

Someone again please try to convince me that the Tea Party is only concerned about fiscal issues.

Love it when I’m right!!!!!

The “The Faith & Freedom Coalition’s “Road to Majority” Conference“, which featured every prominent person in the republican Party, including many who might run for the Presidency in 2016, just wrapped up their sermon a few days ago. And today, the supposed “Tea Party” Fiscal Conservatives, having realized they’ve failed to pass their fiscal agenda, have reverted back to the more dominant Social Conservative agenda and passed an abortion bill that they know will never stand a chance to become law. It’s just more show to prove their religious bonafides. Can everyone please PLEASE stop pretending now that the Tea Party is nothing but a thin shell surrounding the smoldering inner core of the Social Conservative majority that is the Republican party?

PS. Remember, it is very clear that had only one or two Social Conservatives run for the 2012 Republican nomination instead of the five that split the vote between each other in the early primaries, we very well may have had a Michelle Bachmann or Herman Cain as the Republican nominee instead of Mitt Romney.

PPS. Oh, and one more thing.

A few weeks ago, a guest on the local Chris Daniel radio show (Daniel is a really cool cat, I like his show a lot BTW) was trying to disown Todd “women can’t get pregnant if it’s rape rape” Akin from the Tea Party by saying that Akin was never a Tea Party candidate in the first place.

This is what I wrote on the radio host’s Facebook page:

Chris… Just caught a snippet of your radio show. On the comment that Todd Akin was not a “Tea Party” candidate… Your guest was not being forthcoming. His branch of the Tea Party might not have endorsed Akin, but others certainly did.

Before the scandal broke, there was a lot of press that said flat out he was a Tea Party candidate. From FOX News Aug 8, 2012:

“”Score another win for the Tea Party.

Missouri Rep. Todd Akin broke out of a three-way GOP primary fight Tuesday and won the nomination to take on Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill in the fall. Akin had played up his Tea Party credentials, in an unusual primary race in which all three candidates claimed conservative, outsider appeal.

The results send yet another Tea Party-backed candidate into the general election, with the McCaskill face-off considered one of the most closely watched Senate races of the year. “”

Tea Party Caucus founder Michell Bachmann threw her support to him when he first entered the race.

Here is more support, even after the rape comment went viral. On Aug 24, Reuters reporter Nick Carey wrote:

“”Akin has real Tea Party credentials,” said Bill Hennessy, founder of the St. Louis Tea Party, who lives in Akin’s district and has voted for him since 2000.

Hennessy recalled Akin was the only politician who showed up at the group’s April 15, 2009, “Tax Day” rally in downtown St. Louis and adhered to an order not to do any politicking.

Akin’s ability to straddle America’s two main brands of conservatism — fiscal and social — enabled him to garner enough support from Christian conservatives and Tea Party adherents in the Aug. 7 Republican Senate primary to win by 6 points.

Anyone who thinks the congressman may yet exit the race does not know Akin, said John Putnam, Missouri state coordinator for the national Tea Party Patriots group and chairman of the Jasper County Republican Party, who has known Akin since 1984.””

I just wanted you to be aware of these facts. politics is a strange brutal game. It can be fun, but, if you want to survive, you have to have the commitment not to trust anyone, even someone from your own side.