The War At Gay Patriot – Reply To Jeff and NDT.

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To many people , this will not make sense. But to the two people mentioned up above….



He accused you of something different, of believing that Dan ought to kill himself. I won’t get into whether that’s true

I won’t get into whether that’s true

You KNOW it’s not true! There is not one iota of evidence to support any such claim. You know that I have considered Dan a friend, and can prove it here:

Proprietor Dan Blatt, someone I consider a friend, has posted a number of my blog posts on GP in years past.

and here

Note: The guys who founded and built the Gay Patriot site, two individuals that I do feel some kinship to despite our differences (we started blogging at about the same time), are no longer much involved with the site.

and here

My friend Dan at Gay Patriot commented on the significance of Obama’s comments in relation to the Clinton budget, but everyone is missing the real significance of the “Social Darwinism” comment.

and here.

My blog-pal Dan at Gay Patriot has glowing praise for John Huntsman’s economic plan, published in the Wall Street Journal yesterday. Dan writes:

and here

My friend Dan at the Gay Patriot blog asked if we will ever contain the size of government, which immediately led to comments about Ronald Reagan and his battles to decrease the size of government. He may have battled, but he never acheived it.

There are a lot more on my blog that I could link to, but since there are EIGHT years worth, I figure that would be overkill. Note, some of those are posts where I disagree with Dan or Bruce. Unlike you, I have a blog of my own, and have been writing stuff for the last eighth plus years, some of which has been linked here my Dan, the guy NDT claims I want to kill himself.

There is no way you walk away from reading this and not know that exactly what my feeling are toward Dan Blatt. I don’t always agree with him. But, for eight plus years, I have, and still do, consider him a friend.

Now that I have definitively proved that the accusations against me by NDT, that I want Dan to kill himself, are proven very CLEARLY false, are you still going to support him?????

You say:

But now sf, saying that NDT has misrepresented him and attacked his integrity,

I’m not just saying it… I proved it!

I happen to know that NDT has integrity by the truckload.

Then encourage him to show it… Just once.

Meanwhile,  I’ll now up the ante.

NDT also accuses me of calling Dan a racist. And of calling him an extremist.

Either he backs that claim with proof that I did those things. Or he admits he’s wrong and apologizes. Right now his claims against me are as false as your claim that he has integrity. If he apologizes, that brings both issues to a close.

NDT. You slandered me. I do not and never have advocated that Dan kill himself. I have never called him a racist, or an extremist. Apologize.