Failed Foreign Policy.

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So. Because someone used chemical weapons in the Syrian conflict, we’re on the precipice of directly involving ourselves in yet another Middle East war….

Are we that sure this was done by the Syrian government and not the rebels? That was my thought on the first supposed “attack” back in May. We have no idea who did this. The different factions that make up the rebels are no angels. They are not the civilians who started the uprising. Now, the US is saying that they have intercepted phone calls and e-mail from the Syrian governments (and listening to them is against NSA policy, since this is not specifically a terrorist attack). I want to hear this and know the accuracy of this.

That aside. Dropping a few Tomahawks on anything in Syria is just dumb. It won’t change a damned thing as far as the Syrian government is concerned, and is only going to open the door for Russia to get even more involved. Iran is threatening to bomb Israel if we take action.

We’ve seen where this leads. Even if neither Russia or Iran take any action in retaliation, this is pointless. Nothing good is going to come from it. Clinton used the same methods to try and get Bin Laden, and what did that bring us. Nothing. This is infective policy at best.

Can the Nobel Prize committee rescind awards its issued? Because not only was their no reason to give Barack Obama his Nobel Peace Prize in the first place, but he’s done nothing to earn it after the fact.

Oh… And one more thing. I find it interesting. On the one hand, many people fear that Russia or China might do something militarily because of this. These super-powers are war mongering nations after all. Yet. when you look at their histories for the last 20 years… Are they? Russia took action in the Georgian province, but they had direct involvement from the beginning. I’m not saying I approve of their action, but the conflict was between them and the Georgians from the start. And unless I missed it or have forgotten something, China hasn’t used it’s military at all. There is one super-power that has inserted itself via it’s military might over and over and over again in the last twenty years. Who has been acting a a rogue state?

And we call them the war-mongers????