Haven’t Done Sports In A While… Sports… Tim Tebow Edition. And A Little YouTube Banter.

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First… Here’s Skip Bayless extolling the greatness that is Tim Tebow.

He hadn’t played a snap for the Patriots.

Second… Here’s Skip Bayless extolling the greatness that is Tim Tebow.

He had taken a snap.

And now that he’s played a few preseason games for the Pats?

Why does everyone rag on Tim Tebow???

Well. There is this.

Who was he supposed to be throwing to????

He was a little closer this time:

And this, mechanics? Here’s a breadown of why many are critical of his throwing motion.

Here’s an example of the bad motion in action.


Here is a video on good QB mechanics:

This guy sums it up nicely:

A commenter notes this is more than just a mechanics issue:

I’m not a steelers fan, but here’s why Tebow isn’t an effective? QB:

1. The long release on his motion forces him to either make a decision to throw too early or take too long to throw, making pressure more effective. AKA Byron Leftwich syndrome.

2. He misses reads. A lot.

3. On top of that, his accuracy isn’t amazing either.

All of those hurt, but #2 is murder. Using logical fallacies doesn’t change the fact that he’s very limited as a QB. Steelers just blew coverage lol.

THAT’S why no one has confidence in Tim Tebow as a starting quarterback. That and the fact that he threw for – 1 yards in his last game against the Buccaneers! Here is what one article said:

TEBOW STILL DOESN’T HAVE IT: Patriots third-string quarterback Tim Tebow had a bad throwing night, completing just one of seven passes. He would have gained more yards passing if they were all incomplete since the one that was caught resulted in a 1-yard loss.

And he overthrew a ball that was intercepted. But he did run six times for 30 yards, second-most for the Patriots. In his other game, he completed 4 of 12 passes for 55 yards.

And another:

All you need to know about Tim Tebow’s night is that he was one-of-seven passing for only negative one yards. Tebow also threw one absolutely terrible interception to nobody in particular. I have praised Tebow throughout camp — despite criticizing him his entire career — but tonight was Tebow at his worst. Even though Tebow was downright awful, I still don’t think a performance was like this is enough to get him cut because of his ability running the ball, where he tallied 30-yards on six rushing attempts. In every single way Ryan Mallett was better tonight, connecting on 12-of-20 passes for 137 yards and one touchdown. Mallett had a few passes that lacked touch but had some other very impressive attempts, including his 22-yard touchdown pass to Zach Sudfeld.

So… It certainly looks like its curtains for Tim Tebows quarterback career.