The Shutdown / Default – Political Jujitsu.

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My. Things are getting interesting!

First we had Obama’s long-winded speech, then Boehner responded. Here’s how I scored it.

John Boehner came off as more credible. His comments about Congress negotiating with the President at various times in the last 30 years ring much truer than what the President said….. Of course they’ve negotiated with the debt as one of the bargaining chips! The difference is that both sides in the past really didn’t want a government shut down or default. Both sides knew it mattered to the American public to resolve issues as quick as possible.

Now? It’s all about winning for both sides.

That said, Boehner’s speech was short, sweet, and too the point. The President loves to hear himself talk to a fault. His speech today was droning… Simply dreadful.

Beyond style points – The demand to repeal Obamacare was an idiotic move by the Republican from the onset because it’s not going to happen. They simply don’t have the numbers / votes to do it. But, saying there will be absolutely NO negotiation, when history clearly shows that is the pattern that has happened over and over again is maybe even more stupid. And by changing the goal from repealing Obamacare to simply having a negotiation, Boehner has managed to successfully change the goals of the game. And the best thing about it, is that the supposed brilliant tactician that is Barack Obama opened the door wide for Boehner to step though and take the wheel of the car that candidate Obama loved to refer to.

Like I say…. Politics. Love the game. Hate the stench.