A New Song – The Ballad Of Sasquatch!

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It’s my first new whole song I’ve written in a while… Not counting the two I’ve had on the back burner since January.

This is as much about songwriting as it is about getting more comfortable using the Presonus recording software Studio on. I’ve owned it for about two year, but haven’t really taken the time to learn how to use it properly. I’ve been dying to start

About the song. It started out with an email I got from the Home recording forum I’m a member of, announcing a new songwriting contest, where the prize for the winning entry is a nice packet of free software!. The rules are you have to write a song using the words “Sasquatch”, “Kick”, and “Machine”. Yeah… The name of the software in question is indeed “Sasquatch Kick Machine”! Well, what started out as just a simple little semi-throw away ditty soon evolved into a complete song! I was musing on the concept of what it must be like to be a sasquatch. Because they are reported to be rather solitary creatures, this line promptly popped into my head:

Tall and awkward
He rarely does come round these parts no more
If you see him
He’s probably here to settle some old score.
That’s for sure.

The second line immediately led to the concept that the main character is not the creature itself, but rather a guy who is disfigured and misunderstood and has become a hermit. I named him “Herbert” because…. Well…. It’s just kind of an odd name for a misunderstood guy!

Here’s the lyrics:


His name – was Herbert
A wicker-basket baby with no sin
The note – So sweet and lovely
But it wasn’t hard to see why mom abandoned him

Kids – They are so cruel
They teased him till around his teenage years
His name – his name was Herbert
But the names they called him brought only rage and tears

One taunt – they’ve gone too far
Anger long suppressed exploded on that day
Then he – well he retreated
Vowed revenge but then he stayed away


Tall and awkward
He rarely does come round these parts no more
If you see him
He’s probably here to settle some old score.
That’s for sure.


A recluse – You’ll never know him
But the rumor mills they’ve filled in all the blanks
To them – He’s a heartless monster
Sub human with no conscience or regrets

A freak – A Machine of menace
Catches cats and skins them when he can
They say – one hiker found him
That person well he’s not been seen again


His frame is twisted
Experiment gone wrong or he’s inbred
That’s what they said
Don’t call him Sasquatch
You stare too long he’ll kick you in the head
Then you’re dead…. That’s what they said.


It’s such a cruel world
He’s innocent and no one cares or knows
A soul with a kind heart
But the truth won’t get revealed when bad blood flows…. Bad blood flows……. Bad blood flows…….

It feels too long for my taste. I’ll probably edit it down a bit. Had a bitch of a time getting my mandolin playing in sync with the click track when recording. It still isn’t perfect, but I managed to play both the left and right mando tracks all the way through with no patches. There are many imperfections. But, for the moment, I’m happy with it. Now I have to decide what other instruments to tack on.


And yes. This will be on the solo album.