The New Honey Boo Boo’s – Mormon Homosexuals.

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So… The “Learning” Channel… Not having the Honey Boo Boo freaks to kick around anymore, have found a new set of freaks for us to gawk at… Homosexual Mormon men who marry straight women!

Yay! This should be a ratings bonanza!!!!… Not.

I would have loved to have been in the room when someone pitched this idea: “Hey! I know! Lets find and humiliate couples who marry to try to cure or avoid the grooms admitted homosexuality! Won’t this be FUN!!!!!”.

Yeah. Sounds like a blast.

Everything you want to know about the show exists in the trailers circulating on the web.

Though i never watched it, Honey Boo Boo worked in part I guess because you were always wondering whether or not these people were really this way, or are they turning up the “trailer trash” to 11 just for the show. Statistics on the longevity of these kinds of marriages are abysmal; between 51 and 96 percent end in divorce.  Seeing that these marriages are almost certainly very fragile to begin with, add the extra pressure of being foisted up into the circus spotlight, I expect we will probably see a divorce happen as the season unfolds.

Maybe that is the ultimate goal of the show. To see a divorce happen in real time.

It’s also a not too subtle attach on Mormons.

My Mates family is Mormon, which was very weird for me when we first began sharing our lives. At the same time Greg and I were solidifying our relationship, his jealous ex called his mom and told her everything about her son that she would never really have wanted to know.

So yeah…. The first few months into our relationship had some issues!

After the shock for everyone involved wore off, things became pretty good actually. The ex may have, in hind sight, done us a favor, as we no longer needed to conceal the true nature of our relationship. Though Greg’s parents were very active in ensuring the passage of both Propositions 22 and 8, they have treated me, and the relationship I have with their son, with great respect. By the end of the first year, I was invited to the yearly family reunions, get-togethers, and other family outings. We even slept in the same room on the first reunion I went to – which was kind of weird knowing how Mormons feel about homosexuality! When the time was right, they helped us look for a house, and his grandfather threw in a bit of money to help us out.

Thing is – They value the idea of family more than they hate homosexuality. So much of this hostility toward Mormons of course goes to their opposition to same sex marriage. His mom and I have had conversations about the marriage issue, and she still feels that the institution should be reserved exclusively for a union between a man and a woman.

Some people have told me that I should confront her and make her see that she is wrong.

To what purpose. She’s not going to change.

Guess what. Neither am I.

This show is, in its own way, confronting the Mormon religion. I would love to say their heart is in the right place… Showing something that, in the long run, is not a solution to the conflict between religious doctrine and the reality of ones personal life. But that is not the intent. It’s just another way to make Mormons look weird.

And here’s the thing…. What TLC, and so many others are missing, is that the Mormon Church, because of the easy way that church rules can be changed, they can be very flexible when they need to be. They will move much quicker toward acceptance than most of the other churches can.