Rebuilding Credit, The Sonicfrog Way – Or – Why Can’t Things Ever Be Easy For Me???? UPDATE

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This is something I posted on facebook a couple of weeks ago and meant to post here.

Consider it posted.

I have worked hard to rebuild my credit in the aftermath of the Great Recession. But, being me, I have weird problems; nothing goes normal.Somehow, Experian had my credit at a 0 rating, and that cost me due to the high interest rate I ended up with when I bought my car a couple of years ago. I didn’t think that much about it and thought it was a blip, a failure on the part of the dealership I purchased the car from. I registered on Credit Karma, and there was no hint of a 0 credit score there, so I forgot about it. Meanwhile, I’ve been on a credit repair program with my bank,including a secured credit card, for a couple of years. By this summer, my credit score had gone a hundred points, and all looked good... Until...

In July, I went to the bank to upgrade my credit. I applied and found out the 0 score was not a blip, but a real score that kept me from getting the credit card upgrade. I contacted Experian and eventually got that problem resolved. They had no idea why my score was 0, but it got fixed. So, in late September, I went back to the bank, and this time everything looked good.My unsecured credit card was approved. They would close the secured account, and I would get the regular card in a couple of weeks.

A couple of weeks passed. No card in the mail. Another week, and then another week went by. I finally called the bank, and they don’t know what happened, but they don’t have record of the card getting issued. So now I have to reapply. 

But, SURPRISE!!!!!!!!! Now there is a problem. 

Because of all the inquiries to fix my 0 credit score, two inquiries to get the new card, and the closing of my secured card account, that caused my credit score to dip 20 points. And gee, that cause my score to go down 20points, which puts me below the threshold to get the new card.

Again... I never can do things like normal people do.

UPDATE: Since I originally wrote this two weeks ago, things have happened. I got a call from the bank yesterday letting me know that yes, the card has been approved and is on it’s way. Then I get home, and in the mail is a notice saying my application has been denied.

I can’t win.

On Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

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This morning, while talking on Facebook about a woman being deported after living here for thirty years and raising a family, a friend ask a question I hear often: why didn’t the illegal immigrant go and do things the right way?
In order to do so, she would have to go back to Mexico and start the legal immigration process from there. She would have to put on paper why she wants to become a citizen of this country. She would then have to explain how and why she has a family in the US, which means she would have to admit she originally came here illegally. If you think she would have been able to return, consider this turn of the events that happened to a good friend of mine only a few weeks ago as she tried to come back to this country on a guest visa.
I’ve never done any crime or violation against the law in my life. Ironically, the reason I left U.S. last time was because I wanted to do it everything right LEGALLY so I won’t violate. And it turned out that I am Visa Waiver Pilot Program violator.
Quote from document : 
“You presented a valid passport and a facially nonimmigrant visa in order to be admitted to the United States, but you admitted a sworn statement before an officer of this Service that you sought unauthorized employment as a music teacher and performer in your last trip to the United States and you overstayed your period of admission by two days”
That was the reason of my deportation and penalty for 5 years.
I mean, seriously ? How many people in u.s overstayng there for like 10-20 years?
And I was never looking for a “job” ,all i did was playing my violin and sharing my love to the world through my gift. Sometimes ,I had some tips from the people, who wanted to show their appreciation for what they’ve heard . I was invited to consult a few kids about violin, because they say, I am quiet good educated internationally ( I have two master degrees from the best university’s of music in the world ) and im passionate about what i do.
Am i a criminal,dear friends ?
Have a lovely day,people of Earth!

Amina is a sweetheart, and a ferociously talented musician. She loves to share her gifts with the world. When she landed in Los Angeles, complete with all the proper paperwork to be here, they turned her away and banned her from entering the United States for FIVE YEARS!!!!! For what? Giving a few violin lessons, and overstaying her last visa for two days.

Why don’t illegal immigrants go back to that country to start the process of becoming a legal citizen? They know they would never be let back in. Amina and another wonderful musician friend Angelo were planning on getting married and settle here in town. They were trying to do everything the right way. And look where that got them.

I’m stopping right here because this is pissing me off again.

Screwed up immigration policy is another reason why I left the Conservative movement years ago. Their stance / solutions concerning this issue is heartless. It always has been. I was blind to it back then, and thought the same as most other Conservatives, that illegal immigrants should go back and start over; get in line like everyone else trying to do things the right way. Sounds great, except, for them, the line disappears. If they leave, they will NOT be allowed to come back. Which means they would be separated from their families.

Don’t believe me???

This has always been happening of course, but, not so often that people took much notice, except Ruben Navarrette? and a few others. Now, under current leadership, the insanity has accelerated, turned up to eleven.