My New Car!!!

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As most of my friends know, I am a loyal Subaru guy. But have loved my Hondas and Toyotas, and once had the rare Datsun 810 coupe. Fun car, but it was getting eaten by rust.

I’m here now because I just acquired a cream dream machine!!!… A 1991 300ZX 2×2. I will never forget the first time I saw one of these out in the wild. I was driving north on the I-5 from San Diego to Pasadena, and this magnificent car passed me. I normally kept up with the goings-on in the industry, but somehow, I missed the relaunch of the Z at the time. I saw the car, a black one, and wondered “what the hell is THAT!!!!”. And now I have one!

I owned a pool business. One of my long-time customers has had this car mothballed for the last 9 years or so. It had some sort of transmission problem, and they decided to get another car. I think they intended to fix this one, but never got around to it. It has been in the garage, covered, ever since. At least three or four times a year I’d ask “Hey Cindy, when are you gonna get me that car?”. Well she finally decided to let it go, and I got it for a song!

Because they had originally bought the car out of state, the car has a “non-transferable” tag on the title. Also, they have no idea where the keys are, or where the pink slip is. They can’t find the keys, the battery is dead, the T-Top keys are also missing, I’m betting I’ll have a stuck injector or two….

These are all solvable problems. Still, I won’t be doing any serious wrenching until the pink slip is in my name. But, the car is now sitting pretty in my driveway! Possession is 9/10ths and all that! 🙂

I’m ecstatic to have this car, and look forward to a good drive to the coast when I get it up and running.

PS. Yes, that IS a Subaru BRAT back there… And, no, it doesn’t have the rear seats in the bed. (will be for sale soon)