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I just took an on-line quiz, proposing which Super Hero would be my ultimate date for Valentines day, and I ended up with THIS!

Little goody two-booties!!!

Then again,

Good ol’ Robbie has been stepping out on the wild side lately lately!

PS. For some reason, the code from the quiz site didn’t render well on my blog. Colossus and some no-name NorthStar were  my second and third choice.


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The idiotic Chargers fired Marty Schottemheimer today. A month after they decided to resign him for a year. True, this year his #1 ranked TEAM (not him) lost the first playoff game, but he did go 14 and 2 in the regular season, the best of any Chargers team. That is supposed to count for something. And if you wonder why I’m soooo upset, the Chargers have been down this road before, with Bobby Beathard vs. Bobby Ross. Ross took the Chargers to the Super Bowl in 95, and then a year later he was fired – because the two Bobbys didn’t get along, and the Chargers sucked ever since. Now, just when the future was looking bright, the same thing is happening again. Dammit, they’d better win it all this year… OR ELSE!!!

It's On!!!!

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They’re goin’ on tour!!!!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I saw the tagline, and before I clicked on the link to bring up the story, I thought they were talking about The Artist Currently Known As…

So Again I Ask…

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Should I – or shouldn’t I ???


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gone all Cronenberg on us!

Hat Tip: Sully (again).

PS. I tried to feature this on my blog, but it messes with the page layout and makes my blog totally unreadable, not that anyone reads it anyway!

PPS. In case you don’t know what the “Cronenberg” reference is, rent this.

New Music

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As some of you know, we have a Westinghouse 42″ 1080p LCD television (gratuitous product plug), and have the Dish Network High Def service. One of the high def channels, Rave, is devoted to music. They show live concerts and interview / performances of all kinds of artists. It is what MTV could have and should have evolved into. One show on the channel is “Later… With Jools Holland“. Tonights show featured artist Dr. John, and an interview with Nick Rhoads from Duran Duran. There were two new artists who caught my attention. One was Gnarles Barkley. This band is sort of a post modern acid R & B funky junk outfit. Your feet can’t help but move to their sounds. The other artist that really caught my ear was a guy named James Morrison. He looks like he’s 17, but the voice? Man. This kid has some of the most soulful pipes I’ve heard in a long time. His vocal inflections remind me of Terence Trent D’Arby, and has the emotional instincts of Paul Carrack. Check them out!

PS. Mr. Holland played keyboard for personal favorite band – Squeeze, and Mr. Carrack tickled the ivories and sang a few songs for them as well, the most well known being Tempted.

I Will Crush You And Your Dog!

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This is the ad that brought the city of Boston (and CNN) to its knees. It’s the Orson Wells / Mercury Theater “War Of The Worlds” overreaction all over again, except we have light-brites instead of radios, the invaders were “Mooninites” instead of Martians, and, AFAIK, in this case, no one has died. The South Park guys are gonna have a field day with this one.