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The idiotic Chargers fired Marty Schottemheimer today. A month after they decided to resign him for a year. True, this year his #1 ranked TEAM (not him) lost the first playoff game, but he did go 14 and 2 in the regular season, the best of any Chargers team. That is supposed to count for something. And if you wonder why I’m soooo upset, the Chargers have been down this road before, with Bobby Beathard vs. Bobby Ross. Ross took the Chargers to the Super Bowl in 95, and then a year later he was fired – because the two Bobbys didn’t get along, and the Chargers sucked ever since. Now, just when the future was looking bright, the same thing is happening again. Dammit, they’d better win it all this year… OR ELSE!!!

It's On!!!!

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They’re goin’ on tour!!!!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I saw the tagline, and before I clicked on the link to bring up the story, I thought they were talking about The Artist Currently Known As…