The Libby Trial??? UPDATE.

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I haven’t followed it very closely, but did notice the lack of interest from the MSM, especially since Libby and attorneys have nixed the idea of calling either Libby or Cheney to the stand. To me this could mean two things.


A) Libby’s team of attorneys have enough confidence in the case as it stands now, that they don’t feel the need to bring either guy to the stand, or

B) Libby’s case is teetering on the edge, and they fear putting either him or Cheney on the stand would do more harm than good.

Anyway, at Althouse, the trial is the subject at hand. One commenter, sbw, has marvelously managed to condense the long, drawn-out afair into one long but neat paragraph:

in the end, the whole enchilada appears to be that Joe Wilson, a State Department has-been so obsessed by his own vanity that he outed his own wife and who a year earlier said uranium was sought by Iraq in Africa before he said it was not sought by Iraq, was used as a cheap, throwaway dirty trick by the Kerry campaign to dupe lazy pseudojournalists from the NYTimes, Newsweek, WaPo, Time, and NBC, which led Senate Democratic politics-is-a-dirty-game-players like Chuck Schumer, to push for a rabid, unfettered special prosecutor like Fitzgerald, who, in a previous life bested by attorney Scooter Libby, then broke all the DOJ rules in fruitless a hunt to bring down Dick Cheney, and whose investigation immunized the wrong people and didn’t follow up the simplest leads that would have lead to Richard Armitage, the original leaker of non-covert operative Valarie Plame Wilson’s identity, who likely leaked Plame’s relationship to several journalists because of a turf war with the CIA, an organization that, like State, also has leaked like a sieve whenever the bureaucrats disagreed with the administration, and that, like State, has yet to be held accountable by the equally irresponsible Department of Justice.

Impressive and Nicely Done!

UPDATE: Here’s the long version of all that’s wrong with this trial.