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thy name is Gore”.

I am still of the opinion the upcoming presidential election will be Gore’s to win, but that doesn’t mean I approve of that outcome. Still, if it’s a choice between Hillary and Al, I guess I’d prefer Al. Either way, if he runs. the infighting within Democratic circles will be quite the spectacle!!!

All I have to say is Mr. Gore better not screw up my theory about his election chances by not walking the walk on self sacrifice and global warming!!!

UPDATE: It seems one guy only talks the talk, while the other walks the walk . The Crawford ranch belonging to the arch-enemy of all things green, G W Bush, is a model of modern eco-friendly technology. Note, this has been known since 2001, so Gore had six years to catch up and modernize but chose not to…

And, as if the huge amount of energy consumption didn’t reflect bad enough on Gore, it seems the “carbon offsets” he is buying are from his own firm, Generation Investment Management. So, in essence, he is paying himself for those so-called Carbon Credits. That’s a rather “Convenient” arrangement, don’t you think???

Hat Tip: Insta-P