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I’m not voting for either McCain or Obama. That said, when Obama wins tomorrow night, I’m looking forward to the sudden onslaught of…

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ADS  –  Acorn Derangement Syndrome!!!

Prop 8, Marriage, and Lies

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A friend blogged about his reasons for voting no on Prop 8, the initiative that would constitutionally bar gay from the institution of marriage in California. In the comments someone raised the issue that if it doesn’t pass, California schools will be mandated to teach about gay marriage. Here is his comment:

Sorry. Section 58190 clearly states that the legal aspects of marriage must be taught as part of school curricula. Read it for yourself.

there is no special opt-out clause.

It would be like opting out of evolution.

OK. First, in the CA code this gentleman cites, classified as the “comprehensive health education programs” section, there is not one word about marriage anywhere in the text.

Second, as Zack correctly points out, there is an opt out clause for health instruction:

51240. (a) If any part of a school’s instruction in health
conflicts with the religious training and beliefs of a parent or guardian of a pupil, the pupil, upon written request of the parent or guardian, shall be excused from the part of the instruction that conflicts with the religious training and beliefs.

The decision about whether to offer comprehensive sex education is left up to individual school districts.

What state law does require is that districts that offer sex education “teach respect for marriage and committed relationships.”

How horrible!!!!!

Districts have taken different approaches.

The Los Angeles Unified School District offers ninth-graders a “Life Skills” class that deals with a variety of issues, including personal identity and relationships. A district spokeswoman said marriage is not a specific part of that curriculum but could come up as part of classroom discussion.

And in Fresno, where I live, and will teach if the state has any money left to pay me;

…district policy is that teachers do not address the subject of gay marriage in the classroom; students who ask about it are told to raise the issue with their families, according to district officials.

Third: Students can, in some districts, opt out of evolution instruction, based on religious conflicts.

I think we’ll call that myth… busted!

PS. One thing I find hillarious about the opposition to the idea of teaching gay marriage, is that, with all the religious rage against gay marriage, there is more advertisement about the issue than there is of either Presidential candidate. They are exposing our delicate children to the issue of gay marriage more than the schools are. How’s that for irony.