Gig 2-Nite.

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Acoustic Highway – At the Full Circle Brewery.


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What The HELL????

How does Anderson Cooper’s hair stay combed at end of the video???? I was a diver in high school and college, and know first hand this does not, can not happen.

It’s impossible! There is something seriously wrong here!!!!!

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We all knew Michael Phelps was a mutant, but as I’ve long suspected, we now have proof that Anderson Cooper is one as well. Charles Xavier, where are you when we need you!!!

Although, in retrospect, I must say, AC’s super powers are… well… kind of lame. I’m not sure if a prefect coif is going to strike fear into the likes of Magneto or Sabertooth.

Hat Tip: Zach.

PS. Many gay men are gaga over AC, but I find him sort of creepy.