Rubber Met The Road… Crash. Last Thoughts on Prop 8.

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A few posts back, I wrote about one of the deceptive and false arguments being used to scare the California populace into voting yes on Prop 8 – “by law, teachers have to teach about gay marriage, and this is what yuo dirty sodomites wanted all along, to brainwash your children, you fucking faggots!”.

These are my last words on the subject.

The spirit of the law in question, the teachable moment, as it were, is to promote the healthier lifestyle choice of marriage and committed relationships over a life of going out every night, finding a “hook up”, and f’ing your little brains out, thus not only exposing yourself to STD’s and HIV, but also denying the emotional health a more stable relationship brings.

Will there be some teachers who will take the law out of context and use it to “Promote” gay marriage. Of course they will. Will a few districts actively promote it? Yep. I’m sure they already do in San Francisco and a few other districts.

The law in question was written long before gay marriage was ever considered a possibility. Using it as a tool to actively promote gay marriage is wrong and against the letter and the spirit of the law. For the “Yes on Prop 8” crowd to twist the meaning of the law and suggest, no, exclaim, that teachers are required to design lesson plans devoted to giving the finger to religious parents and teaching gay marriage is not only false, but is against the intent of the code, and yes, a lie.

Anyway, congratulations. You won. I have also lost a lot of respect for the religious institution that funded the yes campaign, but what the hell do you care anyway.  We’re all sinners, will burn in hell and are excommunicated from your church anyway.

PS. Over at Althouse, expressing my thoughts on the subject earned me this distinction:


The thought of you as a teacher is literally frightening. Your last post shows that your lack an understanding of what you are reading is matched only by your complete acceptance of the propaganda you’re fed.

You ‘ve got the wrong country. Your kind of blind teaching belongs in Cuba or China. <i>They will even welcome you in Iran if you like.</i>

WOW! Who knew blogging could be so brutal. And somehow, I don’t think they would like me too much in Iran.

Piece Out – “Commie”frog.