"Why Do Birds Sing So Gay…."

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…or migrate to places where they never have before (that we know of). The pine flycatcher is currently making it’s winter home in south Texas, about 200 miles from it’s normal habitat.This is quite a puzzle:

“The bird seems “very much out of whack,” said John Arvin, research coordinator at the Gulf Coast Bird Observatory. “It moved over a lot of hostile-looking territory to get there. Why that happened is anybody’s guess.”

Global Warming!     Duh!!!!!

…or has that finally, maybe, stopped being the catch-all reason for ever single unexplained anomaly observed in nature. Yes, I’m cynical, but remember, someone did try to lay blame to the earthquake that caused the tsunami of 2004 on global warming,

Blogiversary # 4

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Yes, it’s the 4th year of Sonicfrog bloggy goodness. I am still very busy with the family, getting ready for the funeral, so blogging will be light for a few maore days. Regardless, here are a few things I’m gonna do with the blog:

Revamp the Blogtopus – there are many links I don’t visit much, or the blog in question has died. I vow to replace those with interesting, up-to-date sites.

Feature More Media – that’s already in progress.

Feature Original Music – I am set to record some of my own stuff (finally) and I am going to make an extra effort to feature music from my Brothers, friends, and anyone else doing interesting stuff.

Write More About My Life – this is the hardest one. I have always had a hard time writing about myself. I especially haven’t written much about my efforts to get a teaching job. I will write more about that.

Ooops. Dinner is on. I’ll write more in a bit….  that means tomorrow.